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The Origins of Becoming Waffle

Insurance: From breakfast to dinner

Creating a single place to manage all your insurance needs. 

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Picture a presentation on insurance & data modeling at MIT with free, catered lunch. You can guess which part most people are there for.

As students and researchers rush to load their plates at one end of the room, the first presenter fights for their attention. She’s no match for sandwiches, but three men hang on her every word. As she delves into personal underwriting, one of them raises his snackless hand for clarification. The other two notice.

Fast forward two weeks. Sam, Michael, and Quentin sit in a small conference room, plotting to save an entire industry. One straying from its original mission – protecting us when we need it the most.

That first conversation would grow into Waffle. A company devoted to fundamentally reinventing personal insurance. Dedicated to increasing value for every customer. Forever committed to acting responsible and sounding delicious.

The Long Version

The Short but Sweet

A team from MIT realized insurance needed to be changed and built for the everyday person. Creating a single place for insurance puts both management and transparency at the forefront.