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Cyber Financial Fraud

Cyber Extortion

Cyber Breach of Privacy

Deceptive Transfer Fraud

Cyber Bullying

Money stolen from your bank account, fraudulent charges on your payment card, tax refund paid to someone else, stolen gaming assets 

When someone threatens to share, destroy, use, or restrict you from using your electronic device or data unless you pay them a ransom.

Private or false personal information is published on the internet and hurts your reputation, puts you or your home at physical risk, wrongful termination, false arrest, unable to attend work or school from mental injury.

When you are misled by someone impersonating a person or legitimate organization that you recognize into transferring your personal property or account funds.

Means you are harrassed or intimidated more than once involving the use of an electronic device that leads to wrongful termination, false arrest, unfairly disciplined by an educational institution, or being unable to attend work or school for more than a week from mental injury.

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Why Do You Need Cyber Insurance?

(1) Percentages are based on the total number of Consumer Sentinel Network reports by calendar year. These figures exclude "Do Not Call" registry complaints

Source: Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Sentinel Network.

Identity Theft and Fraud Reports, 2016-2020 (1)

Identity theft and fraud reports are growing significantly every year with top 5 being:

  1. Credit card fraud - new accounts
  2. Miscellaneous identity theft
  3. Loan or lease fraud
  4. Phone or utilities fraud
  5. Bank fraud

Cyberbullying has been increasing every year as new generations are living more digitally:

  1. 60% of teenagers have experienced some sort of cyberbullying
  2. 70% of teenagers have reported somone spreading rumors about them online
  3. 87% of young people have seen cyberbullying occuring online
  4. 95% of teenagers or connected to the internet, 80% are using social media

Did you know that almost 1 in 4 of Americans have either had a credit card or financial information stolen or knows someone who has? With the average person spending almost 4 hours a day online in the US, it has never been so important to have your digital life covered.

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Cyber Insurance from about $5/mo

Cyber Insurance from about $5/mo